Monday, September 24, 2007

Please no more Grossman!

Signs that your days as starting quarterback are numbered.
1.) You throw 3 interceptions in a game you have no touchdown passes
2.) Your home crowd chants for the backup quarterback
3.) Your most exciting play was not a pass play but when you scrambled for a first down
4.) When you have your kicker throwing passes

Sorry Rex...I think it may be time you pick up the clipboard and headset, and enjoy sitting and observing the game. You'll still make the money you were guaranteed, but we may have to say good-bye to you this off-season.

Oh yeah, and to all the Bears defensive team...please stretch out more before and during the games. I know it's probably because the offense couldn't stay on the field for more than 4 minutes, but expect that kind of abuse to your body as long as Grossman is behind center.

I would honestly rather get grizzly Orton back in the game. At least he was just lucky!

[/end rant]

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