Saturday, November 17, 2007

What would you rather have?

10 slaps to the face in a row, or 5 unexpected slaps from here to eternity?

This was from Jaz and my new favorite show: "How I Met your Mother". The show is absolutely the funniest show on television. Yes that's right, even funnier than "The Office". It's basically about a group of friends around our age and are at a transition period of their life. The main character Ted is a 28 year old bachelor who no longer wants to be a bachelor. He's pretty pathetic, but that is where the humor begins. The womanizing friend Barney [Neil Patrick Harris] is absolutely hilarious in it - LEGENDARY. I strongly advise you watch this show, it is awesome!

By the way, Barney picked 5 unexpected slaps from here to eternity.

Friday, November 16, 2007

I'm not worried

The Bulls are playing like a bunch of school girls right now. Skiles does not seem to know what he is doing with the lineup. When it looks like the team has some chemistry, he messes up the lineup. Tonight against the Suns the lineup of Duhon, Gordon, Deng, Nocioni, and Tyrus, they were doing some damage. Tyrus did his job and got Amare into foul trouble. At that point Tyrus has a much more open lane to do what he does. So what does Skiles do? Takes him out and puts in Joe Smith. Now I know Smith is a veteran, but Tyrus earned that. And when Smith was in, he played scared. Ridiculous. I'll go down the line now with everyone else.

Hinrich: BAD decision making as of late. If he is open for a 17-footer, he has to make it. No question.

Gordon: Still WAAAAY to streaky.

Deng: Absolutely ineffective in the 4th quarter.

Nocioni: Tons of heart. Leads by example.

Tyrus: Still raw. Needs to learn control, but when can control himself, VERY dangerous

Wallace: No passion, let him go

Thabo: Plays too timid

Duhon: Should be starting. Shows great composure when he is in.

Noah: NBA body, just needs to adjust to the speed of the NBA

Smith: Great open jumper, plays cool, almost TOO cool at times

Gray: BIG man, he'll be the next Brad Miller

Khryapa: His game is in his name

It's obvious there is no superstar or all-star on this team at the moment. This is how they start every year though. And if that's the case, it just means the off-season pickups did not obviously improve the team. Once they gel, they may be great, but right now it is status quo. When teams like Utah and Boston have clearly gotten better, it's going to be a looong season for the Bulls. What happens next? Skiles will mixup the lineup until ultimately Gordon will come off the bench and start scoring 25ppg. It has happened the past 3 years, and it will happen again this year. If Hinrich, Deng, or Tyrus can pick up their game a level, then they will be a successful team. But if this continues into December, we'll be saying goodbye to Coach Skiles.