Saturday, November 17, 2007

What would you rather have?

10 slaps to the face in a row, or 5 unexpected slaps from here to eternity?

This was from Jaz and my new favorite show: "How I Met your Mother". The show is absolutely the funniest show on television. Yes that's right, even funnier than "The Office". It's basically about a group of friends around our age and are at a transition period of their life. The main character Ted is a 28 year old bachelor who no longer wants to be a bachelor. He's pretty pathetic, but that is where the humor begins. The womanizing friend Barney [Neil Patrick Harris] is absolutely hilarious in it - LEGENDARY. I strongly advise you watch this show, it is awesome!

By the way, Barney picked 5 unexpected slaps from here to eternity.

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