Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bulls playing well?

Don't let them fool you. Sure they have won 4 out of their last 5 games. But 2 of those games were against two of the league's worst - the Clippers and the Kings. And one of them were a Chris Paul-less Hornets team. Alright, the Suns win was legit and they just outplayed them. I will admit, I have been enjoying watching the Bulls during this stretch. They are moving the ball so much better and they are getting the ball to their big men for some high flying dunks. The team still looks so much better when Derrick Rose is on the court. Kirk's return has helped greatly, since Rose doesn't have to think to do it all on his own. With players like Tyrus and Luol finally figuring out how to play with Rose, there may be better days for this Bulls team. Who knows if they will actually be part of the puzzle at the end of it all, but they can contribute in "other" ways - i.e. as trade bait. It seems that if something has clicked with the team. I'm sure it is no coincidence that they started playing well after Bulls Chariman Jerry Reinsdorf called the organization a "disaster". Looks like the Bulls listened. If they will continue to play this way, they have got a chance at the playoffs - as sad as that sounds. But let's remember the trade deadline is approaching quickly. Will the Bulls pull the trigger on a trade? Hughes for Simmons? Hinrich, Nocioni, and Tyrus for Monta and Maggette? Go after Brand? If Paxson can let go of his love for the guys he stands a chance at saving his job, and rebuilding [again] a new team. With guys like Kobe and Lebron dropping 61 and 52 at MSG, it just shows how far the Bulls really are from being a competitor in the league. If they want to be in the race for the 2010 free agent market, it's time to clear some space. Can you imagine having just one of those big players and Derrick Rose on the same team? Wade? Bosh? Stoudamire? Damn...the possibilities. The Bulls can be fun to watch the rest of the year, but don't expect anything huge from them, like winning a playoff series. So watch them like you watched them in 2002. It's fun to watch basketball for basketball, cheer for your team, but be realistic. They are not the Bulls of old

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