Sunday, June 06, 2010

Picture of the week - 6/6


I have three tickets against the Wolves, who wants them? I figured it would be a good time to share this particular picture it being the NBA Finals and the Bulls are looking to make some moves to get a big free agent name: Lebron? Bosh? Wade? This picture was taken in 2002 when Erick, me, Joe, Mike, and Marlon decided to go in on Bulls season tickets. In this picture we are at the restaurant formerly known as TOGO'S (I think it's a Dunkin Donuts now?).  We just finished our first Bulls ticket lottery, and are in negotiations to trade tickets to games.  A lot has happened in each of our lives since this picture: new jobs, marriage, kids, etc.  But still, every year we get together in early October to find out who got the Lakers game and who got the Clippers game.  I hope we continue this tradition for years and years to come.

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