Monday, December 18, 2006

R.I.P. XBOX 360

I was going to play one of my buddies from Hobby Kings in a quick game of NBA 2k7 and *poof* the screen freezes. I wait a little while and when it doesn't restart itself I have to do a hard reboot, which I HATE doing! Then the little ring of lights turn on, but instead of green, they're RED! In my experience, the color red always brings panic and this situation is no different. I then proceed to turn off and on the console a couple more times, with no success. I quickly go online to see what I can do, and sure enough it was a hardware failure. I go try one more time and it works...I try to play a game in the Association and it freezes again followed by unsuccessful reboots. So it looks like this faulty hardware is out the door. Probably will go to Best Buy on Wednesday. Thanks for the lemon, Microsoft!

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E said...

Uh...that sucks. I remember the day when my PS2 wasn't able to recognize those blue or black PS1 backed discs. You know what would fix that problem I have? A PS3. In your case, you best go and return that at Best Buy. Although I don't know if they take it back like that. But in any case red lights=bad. Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be going home to play some Ultimate Alliance. I think the suckiest part of your Xbox's untimely demise is the fact that you lose all your saved stuff. I'd be pretty miffed about that.