Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Tonight Anxiety has kept me up. It was a pretty anxious day on Tuesday. I had to tell my boss and my boss' boss that I applied for another position in the company. I find out tomorrow [actually today] if the other team want me to join on officially, so that is what is on my mind tonight. I obviously hope I get it because it will be something completely new, but at the same time change is sometimes scary. But if I do get it I will dive in 100% and learn all I can from it. If not, then I will be sure to be happy in my current position as well. In the end it all comes down to happiness and getting what you want. I will make sure I will at least go for what I want because I can't ever complain about any situation if I don't even try to make it better for me. So however today ends, I know that I will have at least tried to make my life better.

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