Sunday, June 22, 2008

High School Yearbooks

So today Jaz and I stopped by my mom's house after hanging out with the Vigans and watching "Get Smart" at Muvico [I'll get back to those topics a little later]. We decided to go back "old school" and order a pizza like we would used to when we still lived at my mom's, but we weren't hungry enough for an entire pizza, so we decided to just get the pasta [which I recommend!] and quepapas, and boneless wings from Pizza Hut. Of course that ended up being bigger than if we just got a normal pizza. Ah well! Anyways, as we were hanging out in the basement just watching "You've Got Mail" on TV, I started getting nostalgic. We were talking about how that movie came out around the same time we met on good ol' I can't believe it's been nearly 10 years since we started talking online. Anyways, I just started thinking about the good times that I had growing up in my parents' house, so then I found a couple of old yearbooks from high school and just looked through them. There was a lot of bad fashion back then, but I think I have remained somewhat consistent with my style - kind of "preppy", but also likes jerseys. I still like sweater vests [that's for you Ingrid] and collared shirts like polos or button-ups.

So anyways, here's the reason for this blog. I was reading some of the extremely huge and overly long entries by some people wrote in my yearbooks. One long one-pager stuck out and just got me thinking. It was from my sophomore year, and it was from a girl named Tracy. Now let me give you a little history about us. We had been friends since the 5th grade. We were what I considered at the time to be best friends, but of course I wouldn't have minded it to be more...but that was like with EVERY girl. Damned adolescent hormones haha. She wrote a huge page long entry in my yearbook just about how I was a good friend and some of the things that happened that year and how we'll always be friends. Now even then, I knew that finding good friends was hard to come by, but I genuinely thought we would stay friends for a long time. So then I look in my junior year yearbook...and she didn't even sign it. Checked my senior yearbook, and no Tracy to be found. I don't really remember the details of our "fallout" but I guess it was something that kinda just ended. High school was a time where people learn a lot about themselves and about other people. It's amazing how much can change in a year of high school. So Tracy, if you're out there SOMEHOW reading his...I hope you are doing well!

And now back to the present. Jaz and I met up with Mike, Tracy, and Haley at Golf Mill [another old school hangout!] ate and walked around. It's still pretty amazing to me that Mike and Tracy have almost an 8 month year old girl! She's growing up pretty quickly, and has two cute little teeth. I always want to see her being that she's my goddaughter and all. And when I pick her up she laughs, and it really melts my heart. It's because of her I will be bankrupt in like 5 years! ;)

Now onto "Get Smart". It's sometimes good to go into a movie not having too high of expectations. I figured this movie would get some cheap laughs and some missed jokes. And yes, that's what I got. It was one of those movies that you knew wasn't going to be incredible, but you still needed to see it. Jaz and I like Steve Carell because of "The Office". His physical comedy always gets me laughing but his humor can get old, especially during a 2 hour movie! I think Anne Hathaway is a good actress, but it was just kind of weird that she was the love interest since she is like 20 years younger than him...ew. Overall I thought "Get Smart" was a cheap laugh kind of movie but had its moments of hilarity. On Joe Kho's "deek scale", I'd probably give it a 5/10 deeks.

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