Monday, June 30, 2008

Finally, the Bulls catch a break!

The Chicago Bulls finally caught a break last month when they received the right combination of numbers to land them the #1 pick in the 2008 NBA Draft. They had a small 1.7% chance of actually getting this pick, but they got lucky that night like a leprachaun with a horse shoe up his arse. I was at Hooters with Jaz, Erick, Abby, and lil' Annie and I'm pretty sure Jaz, Abby, and possibly Annie were embarassed at the behavior of me and Erick during the lottery. Who cheers for a boring NBA Lottery...that's right, Bulls fans did that night! And so we did.

So a month went by with specualtion and rumors of what the Bulls would do with the #1 pick. Would they pick Derrick Rose, the Freshman point guard from Memphis who led his team to the NCAA title game only to lose to Kansas [shot out to Potter!] or Michael Beasley, the scoring beast from Kansas State who could turn an entire franchise around, OR trade the pick to a team for some proven NBA star like Dwyane Wade. I kept saying all month that I wish that I could sleep and wake up right before the season started so I don't have to sweat out the trades and picks and signings witht the rest of the fans of the Bulls. But obviously, unless I am hit by a bus and fall into a 4 month coma, that isn't possible. Well one of the answers was finally given on Thursday, June 26. Derrick Rose will be the new point guard for the Chicago Bulls. But now this creates a new question. Will he be the starting point guard of the Bulls? When this was asked of Paxson, he pretty much said that they wouldn't throw Rose in without any guidance and experience, which leads us to believe that he would keep a "veteran" [and I use that term LOOSELY] in Kirk Hinrich, which would mean Gordon is out the door. Of course, that's just speculation.

The potential trade packages the Bulls could give up can be quite attractive to a team looking to rebuild - Hinrich, Gordon, Tyrus, Joakim, Hughes, Gooden, Nocioni. Any combination of those players would be killer. Personally I would like to get someone like Al Jefferson. Too bad we couldn't have picked him up last year before he started playing well in Minnesota. I honestly didn't understand the hype behind him, but he's coming to play now. Of course a veteran like Elton Brand would be nice. You could get a consistent 20 points and 10 rebounds out of him per game, but who knows how his health is? I would love to see Rose and Tyrus play on the same team just for the entertainment factor. Tyrus could easily be how Chandler is in New Orleans now. Just get rebounds and an occasional alley-oop now and again.

So hopefully I haven't jinxed myself and won't get into a bus accident so I can see what develops over this off season. Plus the olympics are around the corner and hopefully the USA Basketball team doesn't screw this one up! The Bulls have so many options in making there team better. What are those options? I don't know, I don't run the Chicago Bulls. But as long as they are better than what they were last year...which shouldn't be too difficult.

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