Thursday, July 31, 2008

The last repair for Jerry

Yesterday when I went to pick up Jaz from work, my car started overheating. I saw the smoke coming out of the hood so I thought i just needed some coolant. I have two jugs of coolant in my trunk so I pulled over to add some. I pop the hood and what do I see? Coolant spewing out of the radiator. I called Abby because she's probably the one friend I know who knows about cars and she said it might be a hose. By the way it was just pouring out of the radiator, I knew it wasn't just a hose. I called the nearest auto shop which happened to be a Shell gas station about a mile away to see if I could get a tow truck there. They referred me to some tow company and I got them to come and get us. Since the guy told me that they were open till 10, I was hoping they would be able to check it out. The tow truck came but they only had room for one of us. So we had to walk a mile to the shop. Half way there I thought that I should call to see if the shop is open until 10, apparently the mechanics left at 6. So we had to figure out what to do. I called a couple of people and my cousin Jim was nice enough to come get us even though he was watching 4 kids. THANKS JIM!!

So now fast forward to today. I call pretty much every 2 or so hours to see what's going on. Turns out I need a new radiator, just what i was afraid of. Cha-Ching - $600 including the tow truck. Man, I've spent a lot of money on this car the past couple of years that I could probably make car payments with. So I've decided that this is going to be the last repair for my Saturn, Jerry. So let me take you back a little bit of why I call him Jerry. I got this car the year after my dad died and he was well known around his work as "Jerry" and all my cousins knew him as "Uncle Jerry". Always dependable and there when you needed him. But I just think it is time to move on from Jerry the car. We've been through a lot, but it's just that time buddy. Thanks for the 10 years of getting me where I needed to be even though I am always late, but that's probably my fault. I'll hand you over to Jaz when she's good and ready. She'll take care of ya!

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