Wednesday, July 16, 2008

MLB All-Star Game

I've been watching since the 9th inning..and now it is the 15th. I better see a good ending, or I'm going to be mad. It's 12:23AM here [1:23 AM in NY] and it sounds like it might end up in a tie. Of course this game is big because the league that wins this game is supposed to get home field advantage in the World Series, which still seems pretty goofy to me. Why not just have the team with the better record have home field advantage. After finally admitting that I am a Cubbie fan, I do want the NL to win just in case the Cubs somehow make it to the World Series, but how sweet would it be if it was the Cubs vs White Sox? That would divide the city more than anything else.

Top of the 15th is now done. one can score.

I decided to write in here because I wanted to stay awake while watching so hopefully this will help. Let's go back to the 9th while I have some time. The rookie Evan Longoria hit a game tying RBI in the bottom of the 9th to force extra innings. What's funny about collecting is that I knew about Longoria like 2 years ago or something when he was drafted. He was a hot prospect when he was picked up. While I got some time, let's see what it goes for now: Rookie Refractor AUTO. Looks like it's about the same from when I remember it a while back, actually maybe even less. That's why it's hard to understand baseball. You would think after a player makes it to the big leagues that their rookie cards [especially from bowman/bowman chrome] would jump to. According to the two prospector collectors I knew a little while back, they said that is not the case.

Bases loaded bottom of the 15th only 1 out. I don't care who wins now. Ah finally a sacrifice fly for the win. At least it's over...time to sleep.

By the way, worst all-star ever goes to Dan Uggla...look at his errors and at bats during the All-Star Game..terrible.

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