Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I am humbled...

I sent my first emails out to my friends and family about supporting me for this marathon on March 17th of this year. I sent that out one day after the 13 year anniversary that my dad passed away. My initial goal to raise for the American Heart Association was $1500. Now here I am a little over 4 months later, and we have not only reached this goal, but exceeded it! I absolutely cannot believe the kindness and generosity my friends and family has displayed, and I wanted a chance to thank all of you who have supported me with these donations. What is crazy is that I know that there are still other donations coming in. I still have over 2 months to collect donations. If you are one of those who still want to donate, please visit my donation site:

Thank you all so much!

  • Aiden Vigan
  • Annie Pardilla
  • Arthur Cacayuran
  • Berdee Atanante
  • Bert & Rose Aguinaldo
  • Brian Schuch
  • Chi Li
  • Concepcion Jasmin
  • Diane Zimmerman
  • Eileen Luciano
  • Freddy Oldenburg
  • Haley Vigan
  • Heather Kelley
  • James Luciano
  • Jason and Siou Pugsley
  • Jaymie Miguel
  • Jean Gavina
  • Jeffery Heath
  • Ken Litchfield
  • Kristina Marinas
  • Lourdes Rabara
  • Maria Austria
  • Maria Victoria (Baba)Jasmin
  • Maria& Ferdinand Gueco
  • Michael Potter
  • Michele Yanong
  • Remedios Jao
  • Rick Manis
  • Robert Mills
  • Roberta Fuery
  • Rodger Decilio
  • Rodolfo Jao
  • Rowena Cera
  • Salavador Gueco
  • Samuel Paschka
  • Sharon Del Pilar-Feldman
  • Steve Manio

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