Thursday, July 22, 2010

"Stages" performing at House of Blues!

I found out a couple weeks back that the singing group I used to sing with back 10 years ago (really has it been that long?) was asked to perform at show at the House of Blues.  Our group was called Stages.  Of course I was excited but then learned that the show was supposed to happen while Jaz and I were planning to go to Hawaii for vacation.  I was sad to turn down the offer, but I knew the guys would be just fine without me.

Well it turned out we are not going to Hawaii but Florida instead, and decided to cut our trip a little shorter.  So now I can make the show! I'm not sure of all the details yet to be honest, but House of Blues?  Pretty big deal to me.  I never performed in anything like that venue before, unless you count my Air Guitar performance at the United Center! Haha.  We will also be graced with quite a few talented artists around Chicago as well as Sway Penala who was from Season 5 of American Idol, but more well known as a member of Drop N Harmony in the Asian community back in the day. Those dudes can SANG!!

Here are the details about the show:



...and to give you an idea of what we sound like now....


Hope to see you there!


Kovas Palubinskas said...

HOB? That's awesome! You're in the big time now.

mirassi said...

hey! that place looks like...the sotelo pad! ;) you guys drove down to champaign to sing your boy! niice. can't wait to hear the reunion! (this is sarah btw)