Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I got the fast heartbeat

Let's take care of some business first:
  • Breakfast - Bowl of Fiber One
  • Lunch - Smart Ones: Creamy Rigatoni w/chicken and broccoli and low fat yogurt
  • Dinner - Macaroni and Cheese and Ramen
  • Work - Worked on terminated users script; Tested Control-M to see if you can send sysout in a shoutout: you can't haha
Wow...I had a lot of pasta today. I already told Jaz that I didn't want anything pasta related tomorrow for dinner.

What's making my heartbeat fast? Well first off, I just finished a good workout at home. Read more about that on my other blog at JoeyLosesWeight.com :) But even more so are these fricking Bulls! I will start off with something good. Derrick Rose is the real deal. In a couple of years, I predict Rose's name can be said in the same sentence as Chris Paul and Deron Williams. He is probably the ONLY bright spot in the future of the Bulls. Now that you have got that solid piece of the puzzle, build around him. Forget everything that you have got up until now. EVERYONE is tradable except Rose. Each player on the team has THEIR strengths, but none of them are superstars or even potential superstars ON the Bulls. But just like every other player that leaves the Bulls, THAT is when they become potential all-stars. It actually makes me kind of sick knowing that we really could have had Pau Gasol. He just dropped 34 points on the Bulls tonight. And who didn't we want to give up for Gasol? Yup Luol Deng, who scored a lowly NINE points tonight. Really? Potentially paying Deng $80Million? He's a nice player to have on your team, but not $80 Million-nice. One thing that was driving me crazy in tonight's game was Gordon was bringing up the ball a lot. I think they just need to put the ball in Rose's hands and let him create for himself or someone else. The problem is that the "someone else" needs to hit some shots! Rose can easily average 10 assists if the other players would hit their open jumpers.

These are all obvious observations to any Bulls fan, so it's probably nothing new. So where do we start? I say package up Kirk [when he gets back], Tyrus, and Nocioni for a big man or a scorer. I would love to throw in Hughes or Deng, but no one would take their contracts. I need to do more research to see who would like to come to the Bulls. there were rumors last week saying that Wade would like to come to the Bulls. Man I would love it if that could happen. Two Chicago-raised players playing in Chicago. You just can't write that stuff. So here we are, one game into the Circus trip at 5-6. They've got Portland tomorrow against all-star Brandon Roy and Chicago drafted Lamarcus Aldridge. They are on the other side of .500 at 6-5 and have a lot of talent, but just like the Bulls, don't have a "go to" guy. Roy is good, as he proved against the Rockets:

Maybe that was luck, but damn...nice shot! Anyways, tomorrow is another day to play, and hopefully the Bulls will forget the disaster that was this Lakers game. They can definitely get past the Blazers, only if they can slow down Roy and don't forget about Fernandez and his three point threat and runner in the lane that we got so familiar with in the Olympics.

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