Monday, November 17, 2008

I've gotten old

Today at dinner I could not figure what it was that I did last Monday to have missed Chuck and Heroes on NBC. For about 10 minutes Jaz and I were trying to figure out what happened that night that made us miss those shows. Now I know this isn't a big deal, since it's just some TV shows, but it was really bugging me that we couldn't figure it out. So I had to do my research. Sadly the only thing that had my actions recorded a week ago was my Facebook profile. So I checked my status update for last Monday, and sure enough I found what I did last Monday: Joey just took an unnecessary nap. 10:47pm

So that is why I didn't remember anything from last Monday, because I was asleep by 7pm. I went for a quick run after working from home, so that is what must have tired me out. If it wasn't for Facebook that memory would be long gone. So I've decided I'm gonna blog in here even if there is nothing to put. I am going to start every blog with what I did that day, just so I know when I did what I did.

I didn't really do much today, but here's some stuff I did today:

  • Breakfast - Fiber One cereal
  • Lunch - broccoli, potatoes, cheese, and chicken
  • Dinner - Roasted potatoes and veggies, fries, popcorn chicken
  • Work - Re-racked an ESX server
  • Watched Chuck and last week's Heroes
  • Watched Jaz's Stages tape

Which brings me back to the blog. DAMN I'm old! We were watching the tape I made for Jaz 7 years ago of all the performances we had on tape of Stages. Everything I remembered about us still held true. We were just having fun in the beginning of our "career", but by the end of it, we were decent. When we sang "I Though She Knew" at one of the showcases, even now, I thought we did well! Some of the early performances were shaky at best, but we always had dope choreography, thanks to the likes of Vanessa and Lora! And there was a lot of bad hair back then. Jaz kept commenting on the fact that it looks like I am skinnier now than what I was then. I don't know what my weight was then, but I might have to agree. I moved pretty good back then...I can't say the same holds true nowadays. I'm just waiting for the day I can bust this out and show Haley how her dad and Ninong used to hang out before she was born. Jaz summed it up best when she said "Good thing there wasn't YouTube back then!" true, but it doesn't mean it won't happen now!

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