Monday, November 24, 2008

Larry Hughes and chocolate dipped bacon for the win....

GAME! The Bulls beat the injury-stricken Jazz on a last second jumper by Larry Hughes snapping a 6 game home winning streak. Derrick Rose traded baskets with the Jazz for 8 straight points, and went for the win with 4 seconds left, but missed, Hughes got the rebound, and double clutched a fadeaway with no time left on the clock after the swish from the left wing. I got a text from Chris today basically saying that Noah was garbage. I am going to have to agree with him! Aaron Gray who came from the same draft class as Noah is coming around nicely. He does not have a quick step or have that many post moves, but he is dedicated to the game. He lost 30lbs in the off season meaning he was serious about cleaning up his NBA body. Is he going to be an all-star? Probably not, but he may give you a legitimate big man down low if you invest in him. I'm just not seeing it in Noah who was picked 40 picks before Gray. If Noah can get you 12 and 10, you got something! I figured it was good to talk about someone besides Rose for once.

The Packers are getting SPANKED! Double success for a Monday!

But I will talk about one fail! On Saturday night we were looking for a place to get some pasta by my mom's house since I had a 5K on Sunday morning. We hadn't been to Giordanos in quite some time since we live up in BG, so that sounded good. Jaz wasn't quite hungry yet so we went to Best Buy first so I could drool over SLR cameras and then when we went out to the car, we looked across the street to find that the Giordanos is no more!! I had so many pizzas from that place living at my mom's it was actually kind of sad. The service wasn't always that great, and honestly, the place very rarely had business when we were in there, but it was a nice restaurant to go to avoid the big crowds and enjoy some gooood stuffed pizza. Luckily there is still a Giordanos by our place in BG, but it just isn't the same. Am I getting sentimental about a pizza place? Yes...yes I am.

Tried chocolate dipped bacon today - not bad, not bad at all. I know it sounds gross, but don't knock it till you try it. But be warned, you may die.

Did I work out today? Not a chance. I was still tired from yesterday's 5K. I really wanted to tonight during the Bulls game, but I ended up putting something up on ebay that really takes too long to do sometimes. I'm selling an Aaron Brooks Exquisite RC AUTO 225/225. This card has been selling for around $40-$45 on ebay. I'm hoping I can pull in closer to $50 since it's numbering is nice and the patch is decent. I also have been getting some free cards from some of the guys from HobbyKings for my birthday and early Christmas gifts. I never have anything to pay them back, so I just keep the site up and running for them :) Here's the HobbyKings thread with all of the free cards.

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