Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ah Ebay...haven't seen you in a while, old friend!

Tonight I decided to try and sell my Ray Lewis Reebok patch on Ebay:

Feels just like 2006 when I was so into buying selling cards on Ebay. I still have a boatload of random jersey and autograph cards over the past couple of years. And as you can guess it is because I have all of these crap cards is why I decided to stop. In the years that I was heavily collecting, I easily spent several thousands of dollars on opening boxes and getting singles for my collection. I still have a good portion of my Bulls collection, but I spent a lot on the Bulls players around those years, like Ben Gordon, Tyrus Thomas, and Thabo Sefolosha...oops! And on top of that, I kept buying boxes on top of boxes trying to get that awesome card like a Michael Jordan autograph. Never happened! Since then I have greatly decreased my box buying budget. To maybe once every couple of months. The only real nice pull of someone of relevance was this break:

Pretty nice right? Anyways back to the topic at hand: Ebay. It's good to know that my old friend is still here, just waiting for me to either buy something or sell something. Unfortunately Ebay is not always a safe place to buy if you are a collector. You always should be educated on what you are buying, because you might be buying a fake. Of course you don't have to worry about it with me! Too many people have been ripped off one way or another so it is important to ask questions on forums or on ebay itself.

The fun part about Ebay whether selling or buying are those last few seconds before the auction is over. Of course on the selling side, you just want all the "snipes" to come in and bump up the sell price one bid at a time. On the buying side you just want to have the item so you wait and wait until the VERY LAST second to put in your bid. Hoping that your bid is high enough to win the item. When you win is quite exciting. I know it sounds geeky, but anyone who has won an item on Ebay can attest to this feeling!

So the auction is up, and I will check it pretty much whenever I can to see if anyone viewed it, if anyone is watching it, and of course, if anyone has bid on it. Of course in my hay-day I would have a dozen items up on Ebay. Because that is all I did. Now, one at a time is enough excitement for me. Now, I wait...

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