Friday, January 22, 2010

Sorry Conan! I let you down

The drama of the late night wars of NBC of 2010 finally has come to an end and Conan O'Brien will be leaving NBC and the Tonight Show on Friday, December 12. Over the past several years I watched Conan on the late show after Leno. Leno had his funny moments early in his career, but it just seemed so bland and repetitive over his 17 year career in the Tonight's Show slot. Conan was edgy and I connected more with his humor than I ever did with Jay's. It came to the point, I just started getting annoyed with Leno, and I could not wait till he was gone! Then 2004 came and it was announced that Conan would be taking over the Tonight Show in 2009. Excellent! Now I don't have to stay up as late to watch him at night! But the kicker is that we had to wait 5 years until the transition. Five years flew by, and all of a sudden, "Heeeeere's CONAN!" I discovered something about myself when he made the switch. I don't watch TV as much as I used to. For the first few weeks I made sure to either catch every episode live or on our DVR. Then I would miss one show, then two, then a see where this is going. Then after his first 4 months, I removed the recording on our DVR. I just could not keep up with a new show everyday. Occasionally I would be up at night flipping through channels and watch a segment or interview on his show, but then change it back to the Lakers game or whatever west coast game was on that night. 2010 arrives, and then all of a sudden there is word that they are moving Leno back to 10:30? WTF? Oddly, I took exception to this move, even though I had not watched a full episode in a few months. And just as quickly as he arrived, he will be gone. Red "hair" and all. There are some rumors that have Conan going to Fox. That would be interesting, since Fox has The Office and The Simpsons in that timeslot, and of course the ever so popular TMZ *gag* I hope Conan finds a spot and crushes Leno. Anyways, I feel somewhat responsible for Conan's staggering ratings, so bad, man! You were the funniest in NBC's lineup and wherever you end up, I promise I'll be a better fan! Good luck, Coco!

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