Monday, November 20, 2006

Guess who's back...

So I'm going to be using to try and keep up with my blogs now. I will see if I can import all the rest of my blogs somehow into it. But in the meantime, a whole new blog for you all!

So it is now 1:09AM and I can't sleep. It's either because of the coke I drank at dinner or the 3 hour "nap" I had after getting back from shopping. Either way I am here now.

The weekend was quite eventful. I ended up being sick somehow on Thursday and Friday. I went home early from work, and then BAM! Knocked out! Had a 100.1 fever and was completely immobilized. Of course, there was a lot of movement to the bathroom, but that might be a little too much for you to handle. We stayed in Friday night for my recovery. I think we attempted to watch a movie or something, but I was just simply too miserable to do anything. Jaz took care of me like she always does and by Saturday I was fine.

Saturday morning I went to the card show at Rosemont. Big as usual...and not as many basketball cards as I would like. They never have enough basketball for me. I've been saving for a while and was going to buy either a Lebron SPA RC Auto, or a Ben Gordon Exquisite patch RC auto / dice on either one. So I just ended up buying boxes, and getting caked as usual. Ah well. I met up with Erik from HobbyKings and his girlfriend and walked around the whole time. They were a nice couple. I'm glad Jaz didn't come because she would've been absolutely bored out of her mind. Top pull of the day? SPGU dual auto of Bernard King and Quentin Richardson *gag*

After the show I picked up Jaz and started off our Christmas shopping. After 2 malls we are about 60% done. It's nice to have that feeling! Still need to get a couple family gifts, namely the ones for my nieces and nephews. That's always a blast! What do kids like nowadays? I don't think Big League Chew and Pop Rocks are considered cool gifts anymore.

After shopping we went to Lania's place for a dual birthday/housewarming party. The place looked great, and I commented on how I loved the new bathrooms there [not the functionality of them, but the new design]. They prepared a crap load of finger food, which in all honesty I am not used to. Don't get me wrong, it was all delicious...just not used to it :)

We talked with Diana and Noel for about an hour and we bounced over to Erick ans Abby's house. They had people to watch the Paquaio vs Morales fight. Man, Paquaio is such a bad ass. Broken English and all, the boy can fight! It was probably the most entertaining three rounds of boxing I've ever seen. It was like how boxing is in a movie. We finished the night with some Guitar Hero II and some Friends Scene It [which I was killed on].

This morning we woke up and started off our day with 6 viewings. We met Julie [real estate agent] for the first time...she was very nice and helpful. We looked at some places in Skokie, Glenview, and one in Morton Grove [which we actually saw already]. We really liked one in Glenview, so that is a front-runner for now.

After about 3 hours of driving around and looking for places we were finally done. We ate at Jimmy Johns and walked it off in Best Buy. Surprisingly no purchases. I'd love to get Guitar Hero, but it doesn't come on XBOX yet. I'll wait for that one I guess. Got home fell asleep and then woke up to go to the Vigans' 30th wedding anniversary. I can't believe it was 5 years ago since their 25th. There's something comfortable about being with such good friends. It's just all so easy to laugh and have a good time. I could see it with Uncle Tony and Auntie Myrna and their friends, and then us with ours. How lucky we are...

1:35am - wow, longest blog ever. I'll try to sleep.

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E said...

I was thinking about how things have changed since their 25th Anniversary, you know, new faces, new beginnings, marriages, babies. And yet things still stay the same cause we're still as tight knit a group as we were five years ago. Not being mushy or anything. I just thought that was pretty cool.