Tuesday, February 23, 2010

LOST: Lighthouse

This episode revolves around Jack

  • Jack has a scar on his hip appendix was removed at 7 or 8 years old. Jack doesn't fully remember
  • Jack had a kid named David (13-14 years old?)
  • Shared custody of David, where's his mom? What happened with Jack and her?
  • It appears Jack still liked the occasional drink before his father's death [his mom saying, "good for you", although he did drink on the plane
  • Jack and his mom learn of Claire from his will
  • David runs away from Jack to audition for Williams Conservatory where Dugan's son is at also

On the island [2007]
  • Hugo sees Jacob by the fountain
  • Jacob sends Hurley and Jack to the lighthouse where a set of mirrors show the lives of people at different degrees. Each degree shows a name. Jacob wanted Hurley to turn it to 108 degrees...whose name is that? 108 also was not shown in the cave of names in "The Substitute"episode. Whoever is listed at 108 must have some significance to getting of the island
  • Hurley addresses the question about the two skeletons in the cave. "Time travelled to dinosaur times, and it is really them"
  • Claire is back...mmmmm
  • Apparently Claire is still on the lookout for Aaron, and appears that she has no recollection of what really happened the night she disappeared. She is not happy with the idea that Kate raised Aaron, which is in line with Kate's thoughts/nightmares about Claire
  • According to Jacob, someone bad is going to the temple...could that be Claire? Or will Jin be leading Flocke in as well as Claire through the secret passageway

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