Tuesday, February 16, 2010

LOST notes: The Substitute

Some observations/questions about tonight's episode of LOST

Alternate timeline [2004]
  • Yay, John Locke is supposed to get married, but awesome he's getting married, but aw someone parked too close to his car, but yay it's Hugo!
  • Hugo leads Locke to a temp agency he owns and Rose reports to Hugo
  • According to Peg Bundy miracles do happen
  • Locke is now a subtitute teacher...and so is BEN?!

2007 timeline
  • John Locke WAS a candidate [episode later this season]
  • Who did "Flocke" see while talking to Richard? Blonde boy with blood on his hands. Was that Aaron?
  • Flocke is "recruiting" according to Ilana, also an episode name later in the season
  • Apparently drunk Sawyer can figure out Flocke is not the real Locke
  • How does Ilana know that Jin will be at the temple?
  • It is so hard to not make the Jacob/MIB leap that they are God/Devil
  • Flocke is trapped
  • Long-haired Sun is way prettier than short-haired Sun
  • Ironic that Ben is the one who speaks at Locke's "funeral" on the island
  • It would've been funny if Flocke turned into the smoke monster before climbing down the ladder on the side of the cliff....cheater!
  • White rock/black rock = Jacob/MIB?
  • Jacob wrote numbers with names inside the cave: 8 - Reyes [Hugo] all not crossed out. Crossed out means dead?
  • Jacob had a thing for numbers
  • Why didn't they show Kate's number?
  • According to Flocke, the people on the wall were all candidates to become the protector of the island? Why them? Jacob touched them all during very difficult times in their lives or when they had to make a decision. Why them?

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