Saturday, February 27, 2010

A massage..damn I needed that!

Last Sunday after my first game at an open gym for IBL, I hurt my back. I have no idea what happened. I was able to finish that first game just fine, and since we lost I was just stretching on the sidelines chopping it up with Francis. And then all of a sudden I felt this SHARP pain in my lower back. I honestly couldn't breathe. It then resonated all up my back and practically paralyzed me while I hunched over. Since it was about a 40-minute wait till my next game [4-5 game wait] I was able to loosen it up while continuing to stretch and jogging in place. By the time I got to play again, the pain subsided. Thank God! I was able to play to play 3 more games that day with no issue. Well, I guess I just wasn't thinking about it when I was playing. That tends to happen when my adrenaline gets going. And now that I am 30, the adrenaline cannot protect me for long periods of time. After hoopin' I went to Alice and Eddie's place to hang for a bit where my back continued to stiffen up and then the next morning I was useless. Every way I turned, my back hurt.

So fast forward to today. My back had finally loosened up this week after icing and resting, so I decided to get a massage. I went to Massage Envy today in Palatine and Christine hooked me up with an hour massage. I thought my lower back was my only issue, but it turns out my upper back is all kinds of crazy too. She found knots all over the place. We talked a good amount about running since I saw one of her hobbies was running in her bio in the waiting room. She said she ran the marathon last year in under 6 hours. I hope to do the same this year. She told me some stretches I need to as well as techniques. I'll be sure to do those the next time I workout/run.

Tomorrow...a swim while Jaz is at her driving lesson. Then Monday, outside to run! I have the Shamrock Shuffle 8K at the end of March so I gotta be ready for it.

Sorry for the boring blog, just wanted to write SOMETHING for tonight :)

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