Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Yeah...I'm LOST

Just watched the third hour of the final season of LOST, and yeah, nothing has been resolved yet. Instead, at the end of "What Kate Does" even more questions have popped up about what the hell is going on with this damn island and show. Theories will always fly through the internet, but it seems like it almost doesn't matter anymore. We will just have to wait till this season is over before we get the answers we would like. I guess I'll just use this post for random thoughts/questions/observations/theories up until this point

LA X parts 1 & 2
  • The first two hours were named LA X, with a space between the A and the X. Must be because we now have two timelines to follow [yipee! NOT], one in LA, one on the island, I guess we're calling that X, because it seems to always move like a variable.
  • Is it me, or did alternate-2004 Jack seem to have been aware that something was "different" when he was on Oceanic 815. The little conversation he had with Rose seemed like they both knew that they had gone through something.
  • Juliet first said it didn't work when Sawyer was able to get through all of the metal that somehow did not empale her. Then she seemed to have gone back/forward to another time in her subconscious talking about getting coffee and going dutch [much like Charlotte's death when she said she couldn't have chocolate minus the nosebleed]. And then was able to tell Miles [after she already died] that the bomb did in fact "work". Did her mind flash to the alternate 2004 timeline?
  • I liked Hurley as the leader for as long as it was. He always brings comedy to his role: "I travelled across the ocean, and like, through time"...haha
  • Wonderful, ANOTHER set of "Others", who now reside in a temple!
  • OHHH Kate stole Jack's pen on the plane...didn't catch that till watching the episode the 2nd time
  • Is alternate-2004 Sun going to leave Jin? Not that it matters to the story, but that's what her plans were before the crash anyways.
  • Unconscious people can't hold their breath...thanks for the lesson doc!
  • Why did they hold Sayid in the springs as long as the sand minute glass when Dogan only took a second to see if his hand would heal?
  • How did the springs "heal" Sayid if it didn't work for Dogan when he cut his hand?
  • Frogurt..YES!
  • Where is "home" for the Man in Black/Locke?
  • Didn't Ben once summon the Black Smoke Monster to kill off the mercenaries? How did he do that?
  • Quite a popular one, Is Sayid now the new Jacob like "Locke" is the new Man in Black? There would be one major inconsistency. The man in black did not need Locke's body to be him, he was able to become a separate entity. Whereas if Jacob became Sayid, he actually used Sayid's body
  • "Nothing's irreversible"? C'mon, Jack HAS to remember!
  • Richard was a slave on the Black Rock
  • Man in Black was disappointed with everyone on the beach "The Others"
  • Seriously, "in love" Sawyer is a little bitch

  • What Kate Does
  • Even in the alternate-2004 timeline, Kate and Claire have a special bond regarding Aaron. Even without the crash, they were somehow drawn to each other
  • The "tests" they run on Sayid appear to be testing to see if he is the MIB/smoke monster? The ash has proven to repel the smoke monster, the electric shock did also with the gate, did the searing hot poker also do the same?
  • What's with the poison pill? My guess is if Sayid was the MIB, then he would not die from it. If he was not, then they could resurrect him with the springs again?
  • Claire goes into "early labor" in alternate-2004 just like she did when she did when the crash occurred. It seems like some things will stay the same, just like the bond between her and Kate. So it appears some things may happen in the alternate timeline as they did in the original post-crash timeline. What other things may happen in both versions of the timeline?
  • Specs [as I will call him] said that they think Sayid is "infected". Is it like what Russo saw in her team before she had to off all of them? Then later Dogan says that Claire was also infected in that same way. How does one get infected? Maybe through the MIB? Claire could've been infected when he was Christian [if that's what happened]
  • Now that Claire can't give Aaron to the adopting parents, it is fate's way of telling her to not give up the baby?
  • Dr. Ethan? uh oh...that can't be good
  • Is Claire the new Russo? Cappin' guys left and right now!
  • Speaking of cappin' people, Justin needs to seriously cap Aldo!
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