Monday, April 30, 2007

Back to an old hobby?

A couple of years back I was into golf. As horrible as I was, I loved going to the driving range and playing a course. It was a lot of fun. Sure I might a few dirty looks from the more experienced golfers in the next station at Golf Center or from the group behind us at Chick Evans, but it was fun. Today my boss and a couple of co-workers decided to hit the driving range that is almost behind our office. Now being that I haven't even set foot on a golf course let alone pick up a golf club for the past two years, I thought I would be absolutely terrible, which I was, at first! After I worked my way through my bucket of balls I was starting to remember little bits and pieces of how to swing - "keep your head down", "barely grip the club", "make your arms like a V", "keep your head down", "aim in front of the ball", "keep your head down!" And I connected a couple of ball real nicely. I may have to get back into this. I forgot how relaxing it is whack a white ball a couple hundred yards [more like 75 yards!].

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