Monday, April 23, 2007

Growing up

This is my first blog in our new condo. It's such a sobering moment becoming a homeowner. You start to watch every penny and where it goes, you constantly think about what can be improved in your home, and your always looking at other people's homes and start to appreciate what they have done to their place. We've moved in all of our stuff, painted about 90% of the condo, and slowly decorating stuff. The last thing we just got was an HD box for the new TV. SWEEEET! We watched a couple of NBA playoff games on it yesterday. SICKNESS. Here are some *BEFORE* pictures of our place. These pictures were from when we were looking at places back in January:

Onto other grown up news, Mike and Tracy are PREGNANT!!! I can't believe that I've known Mike for like 15 years or something and know he's gonna have a kid. I've already put in my bid for godfather, but I'll let them make that decision.

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