Monday, March 01, 2010

My first run of 2010

March 1st is the first day I ran outside in 2010. I only ran two miles at lunch just to see how I felt after the run. I would have loved to do more, but I am always worried I won't have enough to finish or I may get injured on the first run back. Just too many worries, I know! I didn't even think about getting ready to go run at lunch. When 12pm hit, I just walked downstairs to the locker room, changed, had a quick conversation with Lisa and Ingrid in the aerobics room, and then went outside. I find if I stick around too long, I end up making excuses why I shouldn't do certain things. Running being one of them. So I figured if I just occupied myself with smaller tasks [walking downstairs, getting ready, etc] I would not realize that I was about to go running. It reminds me of Chandler on the day of his wedding to Monica [that's right, a Friends reference!] and how he was terrified to get married, so Ross took him to so small tasks like putting on his socks and just going to the church. So I always try to take that approach. Who says that you don't learn anything good from television?

Anyways, back to the run. When I went outside it was probably around 35-40 degrees out. It was a comfortable cool and I completely overdressed with the under armour hoodie. Once the crisp air hit my lungs, I knew I was ready. It's a different feel when that same crisp air enters your lungs when you're just going to or from the car. It's almost annoying then. In this situation it's a wake-up call for the task you are about to accomplish. The first 1/4 mile I started feeling my left knee click, or just tighten up. This was not what I expected since I have been having issues with my right knee for the past few weeks. I thought to myself that I just need to get through it and that my body is just not used to running right now. Sure enough by the 1/2 mile marker, I was warmed up and felt great.

Last year after having run for a few months, this "good" feeling could last a few miles. Today...probably about 3/4 mile. Ugh I'm pathetic. But I knew this was a possibility so I tried not to set my expectation too high [good thing I didn't]. The second mile I just tried to concentrate on form and my breathing. When I am good and focused on it, it doesn't feel as bad. But when my mind drifts, that's when we have issues. I droop my head, I lean a little too much, drag my feet, it's a mess. After 25 minutes I finished off the 2 miles. About 30sec slower per mile than what I would normally like, but hey, this is my first run.

Went back inside to the gym, had a good post-run stretch (per the massage therapist), got dressed, and went back to work. I was ok the rest of the day, of course a little tired from running, but I was glad I got out and did it.

Next Run: Thursday, 2-2.5 mi

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