Monday, May 17, 2010

Filling the Running Void



I know it is absolutely necessary to do for my training.  It doesn't make it suck any less though.  Every weekend since the beginning of March I have been able to do a long run, each run a little longer than the last.  Of course with this Achilles injury, I had to rest it this weekend, and probably do the same next weekend.  I've already decided to sadly pull out of the Soldier Field 10 Mile race at the end of the month.  I may still go and cheer on the other runners, or Jaz and I may take a quick trip somewhere that weekend with the extended Memorial Day weekend.


So since I wasn't able to run today I decided to try and do SOMETHING towards my training and something that was overdue.  Jaz and I went to Massage Envy by our place.  I requested for Christine again since she was who I had last time (2 months ago) and she was also a runner, so she was able to give me some advice on my workout, stretches, and training.  She was also able to target some common problem areas that runners.  God bless that woman! I ended up becoming a member at Massage Envy since I plan on going back there at least once a month during my marathon training.


After lunch Jaz and I went to walk around Lake Arlington.  This is the lake I have run around numerous times for my long runs.  I remember when we first moved to Buffalo Grove and we stumbled upon this spot, I thought it was just a forever walk just to get one lap in!  But now I just love running laps around it because I remember how far I used to think it was.  This training has really shifted my idea on what I view as "far" now for a run or walk.  Anyways, getting back to today, we played the roll of the slow walkers.  Haha.  Hey, I'm a slow runner, so it's only natural that I am a slow walker as well! We got passed by an old couple probably in their 60s.  I told Jaz that in 30 years, we'll walk that fast, but in the meantime, I'll walk like I have nowhere to go.  It really is a nice little spot there, so I was able to enjoy it!


To fill my addiction void for running, I had to go to an oldie, sports cards.  I didn't want to go to crazy, so I went with something that I knew I wouldn't want more of after I opened a box, so i went with Bowman Baseball Box.  Bowman is loaded with baseball prospects that I have no idea who they are.  Let's be honest, I know nothing about players who are in the majors!  I figured if I pulled anything of the guy on the box (Stephen Strasburg) I should be happy.  I ended up pulling his rookie card, so I was satisfied. But then, I also end up pulling his Gold refractor version of his rookie card out of 50.  I'm pretty happy, having no idea what I just landed.  So after I uploaded the videos to YouTube, I jump on EBAY to find out the worth of these cards.  I'll let the screenshot do the talking...

Screen shot 2010-05-17 at 12.37.15 AM.JPG



Needless to say I will be selling this card.  I am thinking about getting it graded, but if I can $700 for it NOT graded, I might as well sell it! I need to switch to baseball.


kilax said...

I have been wanting to try that massage place! A lot of my runner friends recommend it to me.

Ooo do sell the card! Wow!

deekin said...

Kim - Definitely give it a shot. The only other place I've been was Heavenly Massage. For some reason I didn't like it there. Didn't feel clean for some reason.

And the card is already on ebay :)

Kovas Palubinskas said...

Lake Arlington looks really cool - how far around is it? Living in Downers Grove, the one thing we do not really have is a great place to run! Some decent, some good, but nothing overly exciting. Good luck selling the card!

deekin said...

Kovas - Lake Arlington is around 1.85mi around, but if you take this particular detour that leads out into the woods for a bit, it's closer to 2 miles.
Thanks for the good luck on the card sale. Might be the best card I've pulled in my life, and I don't even know who the dude it, LOL

gsrgrl023 said...

awww sorry to hear about your achilles joey! you'll get better in no time. =)

deekin said...

Thanks Annie! I am feeling better already, but I just need one more week then I can ease back into running. How's your leg/ankle been holding up?