Sunday, May 16, 2010

LOST NOTES: Across the Sea

I'm back! I figured there were only a couple of episodes, so why not finish the series with a couple of blog posts about them.

  • A woman named Claudia accidentally finds the island
  • Claudia finds another woman who has been on the island
  • Claudia gives birth to Jacob and to another unnamed boy
  • Then the woman beat down Claudia.  Bad bedside manner!
  • The boys were raised by this woman "mom"
  • Jacob doesn't know how to lie. Clearly the good one
  • Boy in Black is "special".
  • The "mom" made it that Jacob and the damned boy in black cannot hurt each other
  • They need to protect a cave with light that every man has, what the hell is that?
  • I'm gonna call the boy in black - Zack since he looks like Zack Effron
  • Zack can see dead people. He talked to his mother (Claudia). Any kind of connection to Hugo?
  • Zack is mad once he finds out his mom is not his mom and wants to leave
  • Jacob can beat some ass even when he was younger.
  • The "mom" wants Jacob to stay good but Jacob thinks she loves Zack more than him
  • 30 years pass and the "mom" looks the same.
  • Jacob and MIB still hang out and play that game.  What good brothers.
  • MIB has "found" a way off the island.  The others and he dig wherever they find electromagnetic pockets
  • Ah, so the MIB built the wheel system that channels the water and light. Um, still I don't get that whole light business
  • How is it that the "mom" can find this cave with the light, but the MIB searched for 30 years and couldn't find it? It's probably some "island" answer like "he wasn't supposed to find it"
  • Damn, "Mom" is kinda bad ass. Knocking out MIB and burning all of his others.  I see where Jacob learned his anger
  • The "mom" knows that her time is up on the island and hands it off to Jacob to protect.  She does some kind of spiritual prayer and gives Jacob a drink and says: "Now you and I are the same"
  • The "mom" comes back home to find her stuff out of place and the game she left for her boys to find so many years back
  • OH! Stabbed in the back by the MIB. Of course the one who has all of the answers dies.
  • Another ass beating handed by Jacob and he brings MIB back to the lit cave.  MIB floats into the cave the light dims, and the smoke monster appears
  • Jacob finds MIB far from the cave, maybe the smoke monster drops him off there like a layover?
  • Jacob takes his dead family to the cave where Jack and Kate eventually find "Adam and Eve".
  • "Goodbye Brother" - sad moment


  • What the hell happened with the whole smoke monster "birth"? Is that what happens when a person goes in  there? They become the smoke monster and can never leave the island? How did "mother" know that it would be worse than death to go into the glowing cave? Had she seen it happen before? Was she the smoke monster at some point.  The way that she tore through the Others makes it look like some black monster work.
  • Stabbed in the back.  Is there any tie in with "Killing them before they can say anything" - MIB telling Richard about Jacob and Dugan telling Sayid about MIB.
  • Wow. Kate has aged. She looks good now, but man she looked goood back then
  • I'm sick of saying Man in Black...I just keep thinking of that Will Smith song

Not too excited about this last episode.  Seems like there wasn't enough answered.  I probably would have enjoyed it if it were earlier in the season.

I did a bad thing and found out about next episode, but I won't spoil it.

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