Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pictures of the week

Since I have been so bad with keeping up with pictures on my blog, I've decided to do a pictures of the week post each week.  At very least, it will make me post at least once a week!


4/19/10 - Search for the Fountain. Jaz was dead set on finding Bethesda fountain in Central Park.  Bethesda Fountain was in movies like Enchanted and Home Alone 2.  We had gone to Central Park twice before that day.  Once for a quick walk with Jess and John and the second for me to run around it (6.2mi).  The last day we were there we finally decided to have one of those bike tour guides take us.  He took us to Bethesda fountain to find that apparently the people who run the park empty out the fountain each winter and they were doing construction on it.  Ah well, we tried! We'll check again next time we are in New York.


Lola Terry's Birthday

5/1/10 - Thank You, Lola Lola Terry celebrated her 80th birthday at Little Cuiapo in Chicago with friends and family.  Her grandchildren that she helped raise over the past 25 years said a small speech in her honor.  Here is a teary-eyed Aris sharing a moment with his grandmother.  It was a touching moment.

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