Tuesday, March 23, 2010

LOST NOTES: Ab Aeterno

  • This episode is based around Richard. The translation for the episode title is “Ever Lasting”. It would have been funny if the episode opened just showing an eye, just like a few episodes started, and the eye was putting eyeliner on. But it ended up being a woman like Kate or something.
Current timeline - 2007
  • Episode opens with Jacob visiting Ilana after she got messed up
  • According to Jacob, Richard is supposed to know what to do next
  • Richard definitely is not a fan of Jacob any longer
  • According to Richard they are in hell and everyone is actually dead
  • Uh...who is Hurley talking to in spanish?
  • After the flashback, Richard returns to the spot that he spoke with the MIB and now wants to join Flocke
  • Isabella was the one speaking to Hurley, thanks for the quick answer!
  • I know it was just for the show that they cut Hurley’s lines when he repeated what she said, but it would’ve been funny if Hurley said “Mi amor” to Richard
  • According to Isabella it’s up to RIchard to stop MIB/Flocke from leaving the island. If not everyone goes to hell. How does she know? Is that Jacob talking through Isabella?

Richard’s Flashback - 1867 (Canary Islands)
  • He’s got long hair and some beard stubble. How does he keep so clean most of the time we see him?
  • Isabella is Richard’s wife. Seems to be very sick and coughing up blood
  • Richard travelled a half day to see this doctor who supposedly could help him, but instead he kills the doctor on accident, but it is too late when he gets back as she is dead. And then he is captured by the police, damn rough night for Ricardo!
  • Taught himself English using the Bible
  • The priest that met him in his jail cell was cold! Told him he cant be forgiven and will be going to hell
  • Became a slave and travelled on the Black Rock
  • Wow, this flashback is pretty long
  • The Black Rock crashes into the Statue, which destroys the statue
  • A few of the slaves survive who are then all killed off by the captain, what a prick
  • Five officers left after the crash - Smoke monster took care of those guys.
  • Another commercial break, and still more flashback, nice, more answers?
  • Um...eww on that wild boar eating away at that dead dude
  • Ricardo, trying to kill a boar with a splinter, really?
  • According to MIB, the island is hell, and Jacob is the devil, according to “Isabella” - Is this really the smoke monster?
  • MIB comes to the rescue with a thermos full of water, also confirms they are in hell and the only way to escape from hell is to kill the devil (Jacob, according to MIB)
  • MIB wants Richard to kill the devil who is in the foot of the statue, who supposedly took his body
  • MIB doesn’t give him a choice
  • Jacob proved to Ricardo that he is not dead by dunking him in the water, because he wants to live. Is this a test Jacob taught his people when they were dunking Sayid in the springs in the temple?
  • According to Jacob, the island keeps all evil bottled up from being released in the world, like a cork in a bottle
  • Richard asked to never die - then Jacob touches him: wish granted!
  • MIB says Richard can always come on his side whenever he wants

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