Tuesday, March 09, 2010

LOST notes: Dr. Linus

Although last week’s episode had some good moments, I didn’t really have a lot to write about, so I’ll just skip that one and just post for this week’s episode.

Obviously given the name of the episode, this one is about Ben. Let’s see what we find out this episode.

Sideways 2004
  • Episode opens with Ben teaching about Elba - an island where Napoleon was exiled to. Interesitng - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elba
  • Principal Reynolds is a jerk, and also from “Real Genius”. Just like Roger Workman...both who have ties to Ben [principal and father respectively]. Coincidence? I THINK NOT! Val Kilmer will probably be in the next episode
  • Parallels between this alternate reality - Ben should lead the school
  • When did Ben’s dad take him off of the island?
  • WHOA! Alex still has connection Ben even off the island. Where’s Rosseau?
  • Alex still can confide in Ben just like a father
  • Look at Ben...back to his “old“ self. Getting other people to do work for him. He’s getting artsz to hack into the nurse’s email so he can bring down the principal
  • Ben is forced to decide between blackmailing the principal, getting his job, but also ruining Alex’s life
  • It appears that this time he picked Alex
  • Miles snitches on Ben about how he actually killed Jacob “standing over Jacob’s with a bloddy knife” Nicely played Miles. I am starting to have the feeling there is going to be more that Miles has to do
  • Ilana is supposed to protect the candidates
  • “Cheese curds”...seriously Hurley? Why not Cheeseburger?
  • Hurley seems to want to get away from the temple
  • Ben is digging his own grave. That sucks
  • According to Miles, Jacob hoped he was wrong about Ben
  • Jacob gave Richard a “gift” to stay alive and young this whole time. Although now it doesn’t seem like Richard is a big fan of Jacob anymore. What happened for him to change his mind about Jacob? Did Flocke actually get to him?
  • Richard has completely lost it and wants to kill himself. He was touched by Jacob [I wonder what his encounter was like] and anyone who was touched by him also received a gift. Obviously something different than Richard’s gift. What are the gifts everyone else received?
  • “If you change your mind, I’ll be like a mile away“
  • When did Jack become the man of faith? FINALLY Jack isn’t wrong.
  • Seeing Ben dig his own grave just seems ironic
  • MIB wants Ben to be the one in charge of the island and unlocked his foot from the lock. Crafty little devil, isn’t he?
  • Ben is sad, sad individual. What did Ilana mean when she said ”I’ll have you“?
  • UH OH..looks like Widmore has found the island!
Michael Emerson is an incredible actor.

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