Tuesday, March 16, 2010

LOST Notes - Recon

Flash Sideways 2004
  • Who was the lady that “Sawyer” [Jimmy] giggitys in the hotel room, she looks familiar
  • Code word Lefleur, of course.
  • “Sawyer” and Miles are COPS together? I guess they were more meant to be together than Sawyer and Juliet [thank God!]
  • Anthony Cooper...who is that? Sounds like I should know that name, where’s Tina when I need her?
  • Who is Miles’ girlfriend?
  • I knew Miles ended up being more than just a corpse whisperer
  • Ah Charlotte is Miles’ friend that he fixes “Sawyer” with. I still think its funny when she originally dies.
  • So as a cop “Sawyer” still let Kate go in the airport with handcuffs? Something doesn’t seem right about that
  • Damn, “Sawyer” works quick on the ladies...episode should be called Recondom
  • Looks like his dad still killed his mom and himself because of Sawyer
  • Charlie’s brother is looking for him at the department
  • How did Miles and “Sawyer” get so close?
  • Oooh, “Sawyer” busted a mirror, way to go, that’s 7 years bad luck
  • “People aren’t really gone when they die”
  • Way to go “Sawyer” could’ve had more sex with Charlotte but you kicked her out at 3am.
  • Ah, Kate ended up getting caught by “Sawyer” at the end of the episode
Current day 2007

  • Sawyer explicitly asked about Miles reiterating his importance in his life
  • Sawyer learned that Flocke is the smoke monster
  • Hydra island is the other island where everyone on the ajira flight crashed
  • Damn, Flocke laid the smackdown [literally] on Claire! What does Claire see when she looks at Flocke?
  • Uh, gross pile of smelly dead people
  • WHO THE HELL IS THIS LADY WITH THE GLASSES? That’s all we need, ANOTHER person in the story!
  • This woman is not a very good actress...did she win a contest or something? She’s got to be off’ed soon
  • Oh..guess not, she’s rolling deep
  • Flocke has mommy issues, just as Aaron now has a crazy mother too
  • Ah so “Zoe’s” crew works for Widmore
  • Something is locked up in the submarine that Sawyer asks about
  • Widmore = answers? HOPEFULLY? Guess not...
  • That’s all it took for Claire to be understanding?
  • Sawyer is a good double-double-agent
  • Sawyer’s planning on stealing the submarine, because apparently that is much easier to navigate than a plane

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Michael Potter said...

Awesome list of questions!

Recondom. hahahaha!